Transcription Services

Yantram Virtual Assistant Services is a one-stop solution for all kind of transcriptions services covering from General Transcription, Business Transcription, Audio Transcription, Video Transcription and Legal Transcription and many more. Our dedicated and experienced Virtual Assistants handles your transcription jobs with the utmost professional care.

Business Transcription

Covers all types of transcription services for Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Lectures and Videos

Interview Transcription Services

We offer specialized services for One-on-One and Multi-Speaker (Any Type) transcription

Academic Transcription

Covers Lectures, Seminars, Conferences, Interviews and dictations

Legal Transcription

Covers Depositions, Hearings, Verbatim transcription including dictations. We cover all audio formats

Podcast Transcription

GMR Transcription now offers specialized transcription services for podcasts. You can choose from any three types-verbatim, intelligent and edited transcripts

Video Transcription

Transcribe your video to increase its exposure across the globe.

Audio / Dictation Transcription

We transcribe dictation from a wide variety of formats. If there are multiple speakers please see either Seminars or Panel Discussion.

Phone/Conference Calls Transcription

Phone call audio is audio transcribed from a telephone conversation.

Focus Groups Transcription

Focus group transcriptions are done from video or audio formats. We recommend that you have a video of the focus group if possible, this will increase the quality. With video our transcribers can identify how is speaking and correctly identify them in the transcript.

Panel Discussions Transcription

Panel discussion is where a group of people are fielding questions from audience or discussion's moderator. With rush service we can turn your conference audio/video into a transcript overnight. We highly recommend video as a format. This would help us correctly identify the speakers in the transcript


- Interview Transcription
- Focus Groups & Research
- Conference Transcription
- Podcasts and Radio
- DVD, TV and Media
- Discourse Analysis
- Scripts and Subtitles
- Meetings and Minutes
- Student Dissertations
- Lectures and Speeches
- Academic Research
- Financial and Business
- Voicemail Transcription
- Transcription Services
- Academic Transcription
- Legal Transcription
- Interview Transcription
- Focus Group Transcription  
- Video Transcription
- Sermon Transcription
- Medical Transcription
- Verbatim Transcription
- Text-to-Text Transcription
- Text-to-Text Translation
- Dictation Services

"Transcription Services, Interview Transcription, Focus Groups & Research, Conference Transcription, Podcasts and Radio, DVD, TV and Media, Discourse Analysis, Scripts and Subtitles, Meetings and Minutes, Student Dissertations, Lectures and Speeches, Academic Research, Financial and Business, Voicemail Transcription, Transcription Services, Academic Transcription, Legal Transcription, Interview Transcription, Focus Group Transcription, Video Transcription, Sermon Transcription, Medical Transcription, Verbatim Transcription, Text-to-Text Transcription, Text-to-Text Translation, Dictation Services

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