Spreadsheet Management Services

It is not enough to Simply Putting a spreadsheet on the web to support the complex demands of business spreadsheet management. We've taken the ordinary spreadsheet and turned it into the extraordinary business application you need. Virtual Web incorporates your requirement to safeguard your sensitive data; tightly control your business process; and support large quantities of users and data.

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Spreadsheet Services

Most online spreadsheets support a basic subset of capabilities. We incorporate all the capabilities you would expect in an online Spreadsheet Solutions for business. These capabilities are vital to create mission critical business applications

Includes the following basic properties: Values, Formulas, Formats, Named Ranges, and Charts. Includes the following advanced properties: Cell Protections, Drop Down Lists, Data Validations, Conditional Formats, and Comments ines.

Import and Export all properties or selected properties from and to Excel spreadsheets .

Multi-sheet and large file sizes .

Benefits of Excel Management Services

• Includes the following basic properties: Values, Formulas, Formats, Named
  Ranges,and Charts.
• Save time and money by eliminating the requirement to migrate to a new system.
• Easy installation can be performed by end-users without IT assistance
• No additional hardware or software required
• Easy to configure, use and maintain.
• Files stored in native Excel file format.

We are using 4 aspects to managing the corporate spreadsheet resources.

•  Cataloging and documenting spreadsheet assets using various internal tools and
    manual processes.
•  Implementing and supporting version control systems.
•  Providing off-site 'Master' back up facilities.
•  Robust automated Spreadsheet Templates updating.
•  Design advice to reduce duplication and reduce complexity

Spreadsheet Risk Management

•  Identifying important Spreadsheet Development .
•  Identifying Spreadsheet Creation that are likely to have errors
•  Reviewing those that fall into both camps, to assess which ones represent the
    largest value at risk.
•  Auditing thoroughly those models that lead to the greatest exposure.

Spreadsheet Development Management

•  This is the process of ensuring new reports or models are built to an acceptable
   quality standard.
•  A significant part of this will be the process the developer followed, but in reality far
   and away the most important factor is the ability of the developer.
•  A good developer not constrained by unrealistic timescales or expectations will
   deliver the systems the customers require. More pressured or Less skilled developers
   will be less able to satisfy quality and maintainability requirements
•  Auditing thoroughly those models that lead to the greatest exposure.

Spreadsheet Lifecycle Management

This is the process of raising team awareness of the lifecycle that spreadsheets go through, and some areas where the current approach may be improved.

By helping you work smarter, you can free up more time to develop your business as you choose. Focus on the business goal, not the intricacies of the spreadsheet.

!!!....Your right person who makes your business run smoothly......!!!


10 hours / Week



20 hours / Week



40 hours / Week


Four aspects to managing the corporate spreadsheet resources.

* Spreadsheet Resource
* Spreadsheet Risk
* Spreadsheet Development
* Spreadsheet Lifecycle

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(1 - 1000 Min)     $0.75  $0.65/min
(1001-2000 min)  $0.72  $0.60/min
(2000+ min)        $0.70  $0.55/min

- Account Deposit-applied to
  your first invoices                $169     
- Setup: Most Accounts         $29       
- Account Maintenance Fee   $19    
  [ every four weeks ]   

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