Live Answering Service
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Live Answering Service

Yantram provides Live Answering Service worldwide that helps you keep your customers happy. we can bet we have a plan to fit your requirements. As a nationwide, 24x6 answering service, we're ALWAYS there when you and your customers need us. We are serving the people the old-fashioned way: with CARE..

» Benefits of using our Live Answering Service

live answering service• Wiring Free 
• toll-free 800 number 
• Live phone answering service 
• Customizable dynamic scripting system  
• Online calendar and appointment setting  
• 24 hours a day 6 days a week answering service 

» Why Use An Answering Service

Yantram Telephone Answering Service - Whether you are construct a new firm or trying to increase sales and productivity, you may not have enough time for the small work that run your daily business. Phone calls can come in around the clock, meaning you are missing connections with potential clients.

It is too difficult to determine how these missed connections are affecting your business, it is troubling to consider that 75% of clients who reach a voicemail message will hang up, often moving along to competitors with live service.

Virtual Assistance Services means an extension of your office. An attitude for great customer service produces an output similar to what your input would do. Our target is providing quality Virtual Office Services with a personalized approach. The service is provided aiming at "customer delight."

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Save money! Impress clients! Grow your business....!!!


» Hire Virtual Assistant For Answering Service

Yantram Online Virtual Assistants offers unique answering service for all companies and Firms of Regardless of your company's requirements, we offer affordable bundled Virtual Answering Services that feature everything you require to increase your sales and productivity, while leaving out all the solutions that aren't right for your business. Most important thing is that, every service we offer allows you to choose exactly how you want calls answered, messages transmitted or sales completed. With the help of your personal account manager, you can build the most powerful, most affordable tool for the future of your business.

!!!....Your right person who makes your business run smoothly......!!!

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