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We have expertise of Online Store Marketing & maintains    . All Online store department like: Marketing , Order processing, Customer Care , Accounting, Credit card verification, Upgrading Order, Inventory maintain, Purchasing, Shipping, Order Charging, Tech support, RMA department etc

Yantram is one of the leading Internet Advertising Marketing companies. Our E-Marketing strategy is one of the leading providers of Online marketing service / Internet Advertising Marketing. Why not improve your E-Marketing by scheduling a consultation to learn more about how our Internet Marketing Services can help you.

Yantram Internet marketing services could be very useful for your Online Store, if you are having the following interfaces for you stores:

• Yahoo Stores , OS Commerce ,
• Monster Commerce , Volusion ,
• Zen Cart , X-Cart , Magento
• Amazon , eBay , CRE Loaded

Catalog processing - Product Add services

ebay Yantram provides commercial Catalog Processing India service which helps save your working costs and gives you dramatic profit. Our online store maintenance experts can update the information on your product catalog by capturing them from your paper catalogs, suppliers’ website or from any other source. The following are the list of product maintenance services we provide online stores data entry :

Adding new products.
Revising the prices offered.
Deleting the old models and so on.


Our more Internet marketing service

Information Processing

- Data entry
- Database maintenance
- Document/File conversion
- Editing/Proofreading
- Internet research
- Scanning
- Word processing

Personal Assistance
- Accounting
- Computer tutoring
- Correspondence
- EBay trading assistance
- Email services
- Online shopping
- live chat services
- Reminder service
- Research assistance

Web Site Services
- website maintains
- Image Editing
- Email services
- Mailing list administration
- website conversion
- Search engine optimization
   and submission (SEO)

Desktop Publishing
- Announcements/Invitations
- Business/Personal cards
- Graphic editing
- Media kits
- Newsletters

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